Marketing Research of Foreign Markets

The Export Support Center renders assistance in carrying out individual marketing research with the purpose to identify the most attractive foreign market and search for potential foreign buyers. Using this service, a buyer may select the market and advertising strategy, method to ensure sales and promotion, the price and the channels for sale of goods, determine who is a potential competitor or customer of the company.

Marketing research of foreign market includes:

  1. Market Research:

  • determining the market size and character (characteristics of consumers by age, gender, income, profession and social position);
  • determining geographic location of potential consumers;
  • determining proportion of goods of the main competitors in the entire sales volume on this market. Examination of structure, composition and organization of work of the sales network servicing this market;
  • analysis of general economic and other external trends influencing the market structure.
  1. Sales Research:

  • determining differences in sales volume by certain regions;
  • establishment and review of boundaries of sales regions;
  • assessment of trading methods and sales promotion. Analysis of distribution network effectiveness in the amount of “expenses — profit”. Stocktaking of retail network.
  1. Product Research:

  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses of competitive goods (i.e. not only own goods of the company but also of its competitors)
  • search for new methods of use of the issued products. Analysis of new product designs. Testing of new products with engagement of consumers. Package research. Research of possibilities of range simplification.
  1. Advertising Research:

  • analysis of advertisement effectiveness;
  • analysis of advertising media;
  • analysis of advertising work effectiveness.
  1. Business Economics:

  • “expenses — output” analysis;
  • short-term and long-term forecast based on trend analysis;
  • “price — profit” analysis.
  1. Motivation Research

  2. Export Marketing Research

The service is rendered for small and medium-sized businesses of the Chukotka Autonomous Region on the basis of co-financing: 80% of the cost of service is paid by the Center and 20% is paid by the entrepreneur.

For entrepreneurs not registered in the Unified Register of Small and medium-sized businesses, the service is rendered on a fee basis.

Check information about your organization with the Unified Register of Small and medium-sized businesses.

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