Intellectual Property Protection

Registration of intellectual property rights in Russian protects owners only on the domestic territory. Therefore, in certain countries, protection of a trademark abroad requires international or national registration of this trademark. When entering a foreign market, it is necessary to register IP rights in the territory of a certain country under the rules of its internal laws. This need arises for export to any certain country. There are so many partner countries, many certificates, patents and other documents to obtain.

The Export Support Center renders assistance in legal protection of intellectual property objects abroad namely assistance to a SME in obtaining a set of works (events) performed with the purpose of registration of intellectual property objects (inventions, utility models, design inventions, names of places of goods origin).

Within the framework of rendered service, the Export Support Center pays the following expenses:

  • expenses for preparation, submission of national and/or regional application executed in accordance with the regulations of national/regional patent offices and document maintenance with respect of such application;
  • expenses for preparation, submission of international application and document maintenance with respect of such application
  • expenses for payment of duties related to submission, review of applications, issue of protection documents and keeping applications or protection documents (patents, certificates) in force.

The service is rendered for small and medium-sized businesses of the Chukotka Autonomous Region on the basis of co-financing: 70% of the cost of service is paid by the Center and 30% is paid by the entrepreneur.

For entrepreneurs not registered in the Unified Register of Small and medium-sized businesses, the service is rendered on a fee basis by payment for professional contractor’s services by the enterprise.

Check information about your organization with the Unified Register of Small and medium-sized businesses.

Service fee and conditions of service provision (throughout a year)
SME’s expenses for payment of duties shall be borne by the ESC to a full extent, expenses for preparation, submission of an application and document maintenance — under the terms of co-financing of 30% of the expenses by the SME.

Conditions of provision
 – The service in rendered on condition that the SME did not receive subsidies from the federal budget or the budget of the Kamchatka Region for reimbursement of the same expenses for the purposes specified in the service description on the grounds of the regulations of the Russian Federation except for the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development Decree No. 594 dated September 25, 2019

Limitations of cost of services for the ESC (throughout a year)

Maximum RUB 1 million per 1 SME

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