Assistance in the Formation of a Commercial Offer

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Commercial offer is executed in the language meeting the requirements of the target export country on maximum 2 A4 pages. 

Commercial offer contains among other things the following information:

  • short description of exported goods (works, services) with indication of the key quantitative, qualitative and technical characteristics;
  • price of export delivery;
  • possible volumes of delivery, frequency, and time frame of shipment of batches of products (works, services deadlines), availability of stock located near the buyer’s location;
  • possible terms of payment (possibility of granting of indulgence, preferred forms of settlement and other);
  • terms of after-sale and warranty service;
  • other terms of delivery of the goods (performance of works, services) influencing the cost (location of plants and/or warehouses from where goods may be shipped, deadlines for delivery or performance of works);availability of international certificated of conformance for products and/or manufacture;
  • contact details.

To provide this service, the ESC engages organizations specializing in the development of commercial offers.

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